When is it Time to Replace a Roof in Portland?

When you have car trouble, you know. The vehicle breaks down. The engine light may turn on. Your car doesn’t start. But when it’s time to repair or replace your roof, the signs may not be so evident. Unless your roof catches fire, collapses or is damaged by a falling tree branch, indications you should hire roofing contractors in Portland are not clear.

Don’t try to repair any significant damage yourself. Falls are the primary cause of non-fatal injuries to adults in the home. Even if you change a few shingles, that is only a temporary solution that may exacerbate the problem long term.

Five Ways to Tell You Need a New Roof

  • Your roof is old. Unless you moved into a new build, you may not know the age of your roof. Knowing its age can help you avoid any potential problems you may encounter. You can then devise a plan to address them. To determine the age of your roof, you can ask the previous owners or find the building permit. If neither option is successful, a professional roofing contractor can give you an estimate. Most roofs come with a warranty of 20 years. If the roof hasn’t been replaced during that time, consider getting a new one.
  • Your roof is lowering your curb appeal. If the aesthetics of you home make the grade, but your roof looks bad from the sidewalk or street, you may need a new roof. Curb appeal is very important if you are planning to sell your home or get it appraised. Don’t let the value of your home decrease because of something purely cosmetic. From the street, look at your house to see if you can see indications of disrepair. See if you spot any shingles that are worn or curling.

Feel free to carefully examine your shingles up close. They may appear broken, bent, stained or may be missing entirely. Also inspect the areas around vents and chimneys.

  • Granules are around the perimeter of your house. As shingles deteriorate, small pieces break off. The fragments resemble coarse sand that is dark in color. If these granules are in the yard, landscaping or gutters they are no longer providing protection of your home.
  • Your energy bill is more expensive. A knowledgeable roofing contractor will tell you a solid roof not only keeps the elements out, but keeps the warm or cool air in. An inefficient roof will result in an increase on your utility bills. The heater or air conditioner will have to work at a higher level to maintain a temperature that is comfortable.
  • Your roof is leaking. Indications of a leaking roof include:
  1. Bubbling paint on the inside or outside of your house
  2. Paint that is peeling
  3. A roofline that has a deterioration of exterior paint
  4. Stains
  5. Water in your attic after it rains or snows

Replacing your roof is a significant investment, but don’t wait. If yours needs to be replaced, hire the best roofing contractors in Portland so you can make sure it is done right.