CertainTeed Roofing Portland Oregon

It’s no secret that changing or installing a roof is a big project for any house. As such, it involves decisions that will impact not only the homeowner’s budget but also the curb appeal of the residence and the safety and security of the whole family. That is why it becomes so important to make the right decisions when the time comes to install a new roof.

Why select CertainTeed shingles?

When you select a CertainTeed roofing product, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice for your roof. With Presidential Shake and Landmark Premium asphalt shingles and Matterhorn Metal profiles, CertainTeed shingles give you the option of having your roof looking spectacular. You can go for a rustic design, or fall in love with the texture of natural wood, always being confident that you are getting the highest quality roofing materials that will not only enhance the look of your home but are also a great long-term investment in your peace of mind and that of your family.

CertainTeed roofing products include:

  • A large selection of asphalt shingle products
  • The most luxurious roofing shingle lines
  • Mid-grade dimensional or architectural shingles
  • Basic 3-tab or strip shingles

Why CertainTeed?

  • Because it is a heavyweight brand
  • Because its shingles contain most asphalt than most
  • Because they weigh more per square
  • Because more weight is equivalent to greater durability

And did you know that CertainTeed makes products for every layer?

When your roof has products that are designed to work well together, you can be sure that your roof will not have any issues that will require future fixes. And you can also be confident that products that work well together will also result in a roof that will be water-tight, safe and long-lasting. A great investment all around.


Starting with the underlayment, CertainTeed offers two options:

  • WinterGuard – A waterproof barrier that is generally installed in places where extra protection is needed due to possible large amounts of water flowing. These are the areas where ice dams are most likely to be created during winter months.
  • DiamondDeck – A water-resistant synthetic barrier. Your CertainTeed installer will be able to determine which underlayment your roof will need or if a combination of both options will offer your home the best protection from severe weather.

Starter shingles

The eaves get an extra layer of protection to avoid damage from wind-driven rain or ice when these flat shingles are installed along the eaves.

Ridge and hip shingles

The job of these specialty shingles is to cover both vents and non-vented roof ridges and hips. By offering several lines of hip and ridge shingles, CertainTeed offers you the ability to have them match the shingles that you have chosen for the rest of your roof.

Ridge vents

When gaps are left at the peaks of the roof deck, when you are looking to give heat and moisture a way out from the attic, when you aim to get essential roof durability, CertainTeed’s ridge vents are there to do the job.


Your choice of CertainTeed shingles will make all the difference in the way your home looks, you may almost feel you moved to a new house.

The CertainTeed shingle selection consists of eleven shingle lines, all of them with premium impact warranties. Here are some of them:

Northgate shingles

These CertainTeed SBS modified asphalt shingles have a quality that is unmatched, allowing a great deal of flexibility. These feature works because it resists cracking even under the most radical weather conditions. They also have an above-average granule adhesion, an element that allows the shingles to withstand the most extreme weather.

Highland Slate shingles

With the beautiful and incomparable texture of natural slate, your roof will feel luxurious and grand, and the curb appeal of your property will be enhanced. With so much attention to detail, this CertainTeed shingle is individually colored by hand, giving each individual shingle an alluring, rich hue. Its four-across tab design will deliver detectable contrast and color.

What defines this unique shingle? The characteristic pattern, weave, and fleck of natural slate. Additionally, Highland Slate shingles offer you a selection of six attractive color blends with a smooth finish but rugged protection.

This beautiful, affordable product comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and will protect your property against all types of weather events.

Landmark shingles

These impact-resistant shingles are made from two laminated layers of high-quality asphalt, and their base is fiberglass-reinforced and very tough. Their impact-resistant quality has earned them a UL Class 4 rating which will give you the most protection from water infiltration even during the most severe hail storms.

When it comes to design, these landmark shingles boast some unique aesthetic features, such as a wide selection of colors, a random tab design, enhanced shadow lines to complement the dimensional look of a real wood shake.

Presidential Shake impact resistant shingles

These IR shingles have sculpted edges and a staggered design. When installed, they will give your roof the beauty and warmth of real wood shakes. But don’t be mislead by their beauty, Presidential Shake IR shingles will also protect your home from even the strongest storms. They are made from two heavy-duty laminated layers of the most durable asphalt available in the industry. Their base is also strong, being made from extra-strength fiberglass.

The emphasis on strength in these shingles is proven by their ability to withstand the impact of a 2” steel ball being dropped from over 20 feet in the air (in the lab, don’t try this at home!). Talk to your homeowner’s insurance company, you might even be able to get a discount in your policy if these impact-resistant shingles are installed on your roof!

What makes CertainTeed Presidential Shake Shingles so special?

With its top-tier performance, CertainTeed Presidential Shake Shingles offer:

  • Solid quality
  • Attractive hand-split cedar
  • Elaborate shingle designs that create architecturally beautiful roofs
  • More accessible pricing than real wood shakes
  • No maintenance required

Grand Manor shingles

Grand Manor shingles are imbued with the most exceptional style, allowing you to appreciate the beauty from every angle. If your home has steep-sloped angles in the roof, be bold and go for these shingles. The fact that they get placed randomly means that they will add an extra element of depth and dimension to the overall look of your roof.

Carriage House shingles

Are you transported to another time when you think about Carriage House? Carriage House shingles are meant to preserve this timeless architecture by evoking an exceptional hand-crafted look. Does your home have a Victorian façade or does it show off a Colonial gable? Carriage House shingles offer you the incomparable look of a shingle that has cut-away corners and wide shadow lines with a scalloped edge.

Carriage House’s beauty does not detract from its durability. If these are the shingles for you, you’ll be comforted to know they are made from extremely heavyweight construction and will last a very long time.

Belmont shingles

Are you looking to replicate the true look of natural slate on your roof? If that is the case, consider Belmont shingles. This luxury product is made of layered construction and blends of colors. The final effect is a mimicry of the classical slate roof finish. Utilizing the finest top-grade roofing asphalt reinforced with a heavy fiberglass base mat, these CertainTeed shingles are meant to be extremely long-lasting. They are also class A fire-resistant, are able to withstand winds of 110 to 130 mph and come with a 15-year StreakFighter algae resistance warranty.

What do asphalt shingles offer you?

This type of shingles offers you many types of benefits, among them:

  • Not being made from wood, they will never rot or decay
  • They are wind and fire-resistant
  • Their price is very accessible
  • They are lightweight

Schedule a home visit with your trusted Giron Roofing professional in order to select the color shingle that best matches the curb appeal you are trying to achieve with your new roof.

Do CertainTeed shingles come with a warranty?

CertainTeed warrants that their shingles will be free from manufacturing defects and have a limited, lifetime transferable warranty. There are further warranties that cover replacement and labor in case of manufacturing defects, a warranty against streaking or discoloration, one for wind-resistance.

Are you ready to get started?

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices in roof shingles that CertainTeed offers. The selection is extensive and there may be more than one option that works best for your home. 

Giron Roofing in Portland is ready to work with you to make the best selection for the type and size of your roof. They will work with you to understand your needs and give you the most relevant advice and guidance to have your home looking the way you envision it. When you are ready to get a new roof, reach out to a CertainTeed shingle installer. You and your roof will be glad you did.